Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Short version: I liked it. I don't actually remember the other Mission Impossible movies, so it's hard to compare. I'm assuming that means I liked this one best.

The mission was interesting enough. When their early plan to infiltrate the Kremlin goes terribly, terribly wrong and results in the shut-down of the IMF, the team has to carry out their main mission without backup. So all the spy gadgets I remember from past Mission Impossible movies aren't used here in quite the same way, or malfunction at the least convenient moments. Salt with Angelina Jolie (which did so many things right in its portrayal of an action-movie woman that I'm still amazed it got made) also started a great movement - women in action movies no longer have to run in heels. When someone takes off their stilletos before kicking your ass, you know they mean business.

Dubai was cool in Ghost Protocol (especially an epic dust storm that, oddly enough, brought me some moments of nostalgia), but the Indian scenes were colorful and swirly and awesome. I'm always heart-swooningly happy to see non-European countries featured in movies as places that aren't all about squalor and bloodlust.

A highlight for me was the BMW i8 Concept. I don't remember who drove it. I don't think it was part of a car chase. I do remember gasping and clutching at my chest, and angels playing harps up in the theater rafters. I love concept cars. It's like bringing chrome-and-glass science fiction to life. I'm assuming the version of this plug-in diesel hybrid that makes its way across the Atlantic will be very different. I sure would love to see this version at a car show, though.

The movie is worth seeing for the BMW alone, but I really think the story progression was entertaining. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol won't change your life (probably), but maybe action movies are taking a turn for the better, after hitting rock bottom with a certain 3-film action-movie franchise which also strongly features cars. I will confess that, since I went to see those other movies despite knowing the story would suck, I am indeed part of the problem.


  1. I'm not that into cars, but I really enjoyed MI4 too! (MI2 is my fave, though.)

    Btw, I wonder if part of the reason Salt was so great was that it was originally written for a male lead. (Tom Cruise, ironically.)

  2. You know, that explains sooo much. Wow. It's depressing to think how differently Salt might have gone if they'd written it with a woman in mind.